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NK Forum AGM - Tue 30th April 2024

Canbury GardensPavillion

Doors open 6:30pm, 7pm start (light refreshments available) .

Following extensive discussion, research and updating to incorporate the comments received from the Regulation 14 consultation, we have arrived at the Submission Version of the NKNPlan, which we would like to share with you now and walk you through the changes made to the draft Plan at the coming AGM, along with all the usual housekeeping items.  A full Agenda will arrive a bit closer to the time.  

The NKNPlan documents we are presenting to you today have been prepared in response to the Regulation 14 consultation and can be found on our website server:

  1. NKNPlan Overview and Policy Summary:  READ ME. This document condenses ~130 pages down to 8. 

  2. The NKNPlan document:  This has been reformatted to prioritise Design Guidance, with policies now outlining design strategies in accordance with the provision of the NKNPlan Design Code.  The policy maps at the back of the document are interim, until the ARCGIS website has been updated with minor map changes. 

  3. The NKNPlan Design Code: This forms part of the the Plan's overarching Design Guidance alongside Policies NK1 - NK8.

  4. The Site Assessment Density Guide:  Outlines an established density range in the Key Area and informs the densities for the Transitional Zone between the Key Area and the more Suburban Area of the neighbourhood (also see the Density & Zones Rationale document)

  5. Appendix A: Community Facilities (unchanged)

  6. Appendix B: Local Areas of Special Character - amended to expand policy NK7 viii as requested. 

  7. Appendix C: Locally Listed Buildings - (unchanged)

  8. Appendix D: Local Green Spaces - updated with additional justifications

  9. NKNPlan: Density & Zones Rationale. As an aide-mémoire. 

As outlined in our Constitution at §10.3; 'The Development Plan shall be submitted to the relevant authorities only once approved by a General Meeting of The Forum.'We will therefore be talking you through the NKNPlan explaining the challenges we have faced and the changes made based on consultation responses, prior to your approval on the evening.  This will then allow us to move forward to the next stage which is the Regulation 15 Submission to the Council.  We will explain the additional statutory documents that will be required to accompany the submission version of the Plan.  A Reminder of the challenges ahead, consultation responses and the next steps ahead was outlined at our 2022 AGM presentation here. 

We will be holding local drop-in sessions or  'Have a cuppa with the Forum'  both before the AGM and after, so will let you know of dates. In the meantime, if you have any questions or problems viewing the documents on the server, just drop us an email.

Best not to listen to those on social media who have gained their BSc on Neighbourhood Planning from the University of Facebook. Finally,  we are also looking into the possibility of live-streaming the meeting, and will keep you updated on that possibility, if our tech is up to scratch. 

Kind regards

Diane Watling

(Chair North Kingston Neighbourhood Forum)

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