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Implementation and Local Infrastructure projects

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6.1 The Neighbourhood Plan will be implemented through the Borough Council’s consideration and determination of planning applications for development in the North Kingston Neighbourhood Area.


Development Management

6.2 Most of the policies contained in the Plan will be delivered by landowners and developers. In preparing the Plan, care has been taken to ensure, as far as possible, that the policies are achievable.


6.3 Whilst the local planning authority will be responsible for development management, the Forum will use the Plan to frame its representations on submitted planning applications. It will also work with The Borough Council to monitor the progress of sites coming forward for development.


Local Infrastructure Improvements

6.4 The Forum proposes that the priorities for investment of future Community Infrastructure Levy funding allocated by the local planning authority and to the Neighbourhood Forum are considered and decided by the community and can be found in the table below.  We request each project is prioritised according to a time frame once the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted. The proposed timeframes are:

Priority 1: 1-2 years post adoption

Priority 2: 2-5 years post adoption

Priority 3: 5+ years post adoption


6.5 This series of local infrastructure projects will be prioritised for investment from Section 106 agreements and the Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). A minimum of 25% of the levy collected from development in the Neighbourhood Area will be passed by the Borough Council for investments listed in 6.4 of this Neighbourhood Plan.


6.6 The confines of a designated Neighbourhood Area will also define where the meaningful proportion (25%) will be spent. Only 25% of the CIL raised in the Neighbourhood Area will be prioritised for spend within the Neighbourhood Area, regardless of the wider committee.


6.7 It is proposed that once the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted, a member of the Neighbourhood Forum will be co-opted onto the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee at the time of project determination.

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