Question 2 - NPLAN References

Land Use Planning Policies


5.3 The following policies relate to the development and use of land in the designated Neighbourhood Area of North Kingston. They focus on specific planning matters that are of greatest interest to the local community, especially in seeking to respond to the challenges set by the new London Plan and by the emerging Kingston Local Plan.


5.4 The London Plan encourages neighbourhood forums to bring forward policies in their Neighbourhood Plans “that vary from the detail of the Policies in this Plan where locally-specific circumstances and evidence suggests this would better achieve the objectives of the London Plan and where such an approach can be considered to be in general conformity with the London Plan” (§0.0.21A). However, in almost every case, each policy does accord with the direction set by the Mayor.


5.5 The 34 policies are grouped into four categories based on their type. Each policy is numbered and titled, and it is shown in bold italics. Where necessary, the area to which it will apply is shown on the Policies Map at the end of this document. After each policy is a Rationale:  some supporting text that explains the purpose of the policy, how it will be applied and, where helpful, how it relates to other development plan policies.

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